Professional Production Electrician & Lighting Services

Floyd Technical Services Ltd provides a complete professional lighting service for venues and production companies throughout the UK and worldwide. With a successful track record of high quality delivery for more than 17 years, we plan, implement, organise, manage and deliver all technical aspects of lighting for productions, offering a tailor-made service to meet the individual needs of each production.

We work with theatres, in concert arenas, at outdoor venues, on film sets, in television studios and at corporate events. No project or venue is too large or too small, no location out of scope.

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We have the proven ability to work & thrive under pressure with creative & technical personnel & performers using tact, diplomacy & flexibility.


We work with complex equipment, data networks & power sources, ensuring technical & quality standards are maintained throughout production periods, rehearsals & performances.


We have the qualifications, competence & transferable skills required in successful small, medium & large-scale production lighting.


We proactively & creatively adapt designs, fault find & problem solve under tight timescales to always make best use of the venue, equipment, budget & time available.


  • Production Electrician

    Also called a “Prod LX”. Our role can extend to handle anything with a current running through it! Typically we are responsible for the rigging, placement, focus and control of lights and auxiliary equipment to enhance a performance or light a space.

  • Inspection & Testing

    Leverage our experience and qualifications to undertake inspection, testing, commissioning, acceptance and maintenance work on new and existing production installations, equipment and facilities in accordance with local policy and regulations including BS7909.

  • Maintenance

    We have the qualifications and competence to proactively maintain a wide range of production equipment, facilities and all types of luminaries to ensure safe working conditions, from a single PAT test to full maintenance programs.

  • Inventory Management

    Procurement, preparation and management of production equipment and consumables, including comprehensive documentation and tracking of electrical components, equipment and scenery.

  • Production Planning & Design

    We have the expertise to act as lead, or work in cooperation with a Lighting Designer or Production Manager, to develop fit-for-purpose system configurations and plans to implement cabling, power distribution, networking and rigging for productions.

  • Project Management

    Productions are a unique, transient endeavour. We can take full control of resources from planning, inventory, organisation, motivation and execution. We always work within the agreed schedules and rehearsal times as set down in call sheets and technical schedules.

  • Consultancy

    Creative design expertise and specialist knowledge of new and mature production technologies. We create and adapt electrical and lighting designs that work best together. To gain maximum benefit from the venue, equipment, budget and time available.

  • Sound

    Many productions will have a separate sound department. Should the production require it, we are experienced at designing, rigging and managing all aspects of production sound, effects and power.

  • Production Rigging

    Manual handling and rigging of stage and location sets and controlling electrical equipment. We’ll work with you to define a budget based on your production schedule, script and vision, which will mandate the type of lights and effects used.

  • Any Location

    We operate in a wide range of theatres, music venues, TV and film studios, at corporate events and other demanding detail-orientated environments such as outside broadcasts, aided by our extensive knowledge of temporary electrical systems regulations including BS7909.

  • Production Programming

    We use proven digital planning and programming tools and the latest technologies to control a wide range of technical equipment. Our goal is to create light effects and sequences that enhance the stage, venue and on-stage performance.

  • Driving

    Driving equipment vehicles (including trucks, cherry pickers and fork lifts) and transportation to and from venues and suppliers is often necessary to ensure timely and coordinated project delivery.


We start with a solid foundation built on research, understanding and buy-in of the goals of each production.

Research, Discussion & Brainstorming

System Configuration Developed

Resource Acquisition & Implementation Plans

Proactive Management Through To Final Delivery


  • Health & Safety

    We understand, enforce and work within the latest legislation and procedures, promoting a positive approach to worker health and safety, ensuring correct methods and safe working practices are adhered to whilst remaining flexible, focused and pragmatic.

  • Communication

    Liaising with all departments, studying scripts, consulting with the Director and Lighting Designer (if applicable) and discussing production requirements with lighting, sound and other operators to assess technical requirements.

  • Leadership

    As Head Electrician and Head of Lighting we act as go-between for Lighting Designers and production staff to ensure technical, quality and health & safety standards are maintained throughout production periods, rehearsals and performances.

  • Administration

    Efficient, comprehensive and accurate record keeping including lighting plans, focus notes, cue lists, technical and maintenance schedules. Aiding control, transparency and accountability.

  • Collaborative Approach

    Working with a wide variety of internal and external production and planning teams (e.g. contractors, suppliers, freelancers) to complete electrical installations in accordance with the latest IET wiring regulations (BS7671).

  • Problem Solving

    Proactively identify and solve any issues with stage lighting fixtures, installations and facilities including cables, power distribution, dimmers, networking, lighting control consoles and effects.


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